The Lodge

If you are looking for a unique and exciting experience, book one of the lodges located inside the naturalistic Oasis of Ca ‘del Lago. It is equipped with all comforts: bathrooms equipped with a shower, kitchenette and fridge, air conditioning, TV, barbecue, all in a restricted and fenced area. You will be able to enjoy your dinners overlooking a lovely sunset on the lake on the private veranda, or get up at dawn surrounded by the sounds of nature, or just simply enjoy a relaxing time away from the usual horizons.

The lodges are constructed in such a way as to ensure that they are

directly integrated within the lake, the unique feeling you get at sunset or at your awakening and finding yourself immersed in the middle of this corner of paradise will be unique.

The structures can be booked for a minimum of two days there are various formulas of accommodation such as with or without fishing permits, in any case, our guests can opt for either an all inclusive service with full board, or to rent the  lodge allowing full independence.

The natural Oasis is equipped with areas suitable for setting up tents.