No-Kill Fishing Reserve

Ca ‘del Lago is one of the most important integral fishing reserves in Italy.

The reserve provides a rigid regulation “catch and release” with a limited number of daily permits.
The techniques practiced are: Spinning, Carp fishing in addition to classic coarse fishing (Bolognese), Roubasienne fishing, as well as English technique and ledgering or feeder fishing.

Regarding Spinning: preferential itineraries are available from the lake bank which are inaccessible to boats or other fishing techniques; for those interested, we have 5 rowing boats that are available for itinerant fishing; or you are free to use your own belly boat, always remembering to respect the limit of up to 5 boats daily.

For those who carp fish: there are 16 fixed locations which are accessible by car for unloading and loading equipment.

In the central area of the lake drinking water is available as well as toilets with hot showers.

Regarding Roubasienne or ledgering fishing: there are locations available for loading and unloading equipment directly from your car.

Some native species such as pike, carp, tench are highly present and certified by the numerous reviews that were published in the best magazines and in some exclusive videos on fishing.

In addition to the species listed Black- bass of very good size and other Cyprinidae are present.

At Ca ‘del Lago the competitor, the neophyte or a simple fan will enjoy a pristine and fascinating environment full of surprises.